Writing Services

Needs Assessments

Crafting scientifically accurate and persuasive writing to support continuing medical education grant applications, in consultation with clients and through analysis of the medical literature, patient and clinician perspectives, and prior outcomes

Continuing Education

Turning proposals into engaging continuing education content in the form of slide decks and monographs

Clinician Insight

Summarizing content from advisory boards meetings to provide insight regarding current clinical practice

Areas of Expertise


Allergy and Immunology

Autoimmunity and Inflammatory Disorders

Infectious Diseases



Oncology and Hematology (Immunotherapy)




Why Logan Medical Writing?

Dr Logan understands both the complexity of medical science and the ongoing need to improve clinician knowledge to optimize health outcomes for individual patients as well as populations. Dr Logan works with clients to plan and write all components of contracted projects. She works with clients until they are completely happy with the final project.

15 Years' Experience