Logan Medical Writing

Specializing in continuing medical education

Writing Services

Needs Assessments

Crafting scientifically accurate and persuasive writing to support continuing medical education grant applications, in consultation with clients and through analysis of the medical literature, patient and clinician perspectives, and prior outcomes

Continuing Education

Turning proposals into engaging continuing education content in the form of slide decks and monographs

Clinician Insight

Summarizing content from advisory boards meetings to provide insight regarding current clinical practice

“Jennifer is an outstanding medical writer. Not only is her writing clear, concise, and accurate, but she almost always delivers projects early with little need for revision! She is very professional, and her medical/clinical perspective strengthens every deliverable. Jennifer is a pleasure to work with, and I highly recommend her services.”

Theresa Vera, PhD

“Jennifer is an excellent medical writer, able to follow challenging formats accurately, and with a wide range of medical knowledge. I can highly recommend her.”

Emma Hitt Nichols, PhD, ELS

“Had the pleasure of working with Dr. Logan on several projects. Her expertise was crucial in helping us secure funding from a major HIV/AIDS Awareness charity. In addition to being an excellent writer with a broad fund of clinical knowledge, Dr. Logan is a joy to work worth. She actually makes the process of grant writing enjoyable - almost!”

Lisa Istorico Sanders, MD

Jennifer L. Logan, MD, MPH

Dr Jennifer Logan is a Preventive Medicine-trained physician with 18 years’ experience as a medical writer, editor, and reviewer. Dr Logan’s background as a physician, educator, and researcher provides her a robust foundation as a medical writer. Although she has the expertise to write knowledgeably about a wide range of medical and therapeutic areas, she is especially passionate about immunology, infectious diseases, allergy, oncology, and autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. Dr Logan specializes in writing needs assessments, but also works with medical education teams to create post-award educational materials, including slide decks and monographs. She also writes executive and advisory board summaries and news pieces. 


If you would like to discuss a project or have questions, please email Dr Logan at jennifer@loganmedicalwriting.com.